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Create a regional cooperation mechanism for child protection in the wider Black Sea Area
Petitioning: the Organisation for the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) and its Member States; the European Union.
Millions of children in the wider Black Sea area are in situations of hunger, violence, labour, trafficking, or institutionalisation. Governments in the region have worked to build systems of care and protection for the most vulnerable children, but more must be done! Because countries in our region have experienced similar challenges and share similar legacies, we can make great strides by working in cooperation.
Regional cooperation for the sake of our children will: 1. Encourage innovative efforts to better protect our children; 2. Save money through resource and knowledge sharing; 3. Solve problems that no one country can solve on its own; 4. Encourage new political energy for action; and 5. Build trust for greater engagement in the region. The task of protecting vulnerable children might be too big for individual countries, but together, this region holds the knowledge, resources, and capacity necessary to change children’s stories of hopelessness. Without cooperation, resources are wasted on ‘reinvented wheels’.
We, citizens of the countries of the region, citizens of the EU and committed individuals who care ask:
BSEC (Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation) and its Members States: to create a regional cooperation mechanism for child protection that will allow government and civil society experts to share their expertise and jointly advance the child protection reforms in the region. Adequately fund this mechanism by means of a regional trust for children.
– the European Union: to support and contribute to the efforts of BSEC and its Member States to establish this cooperation mechanism and its funding instrument – the regional trust for children.