Young with a Voice 2015

Young with a Voice 2015

The project ‘Young with a Voice’ is financed by the European Commission, through the Civil Society Facility (Operating Grants to IPA Associations. Support to regional thematic associations). The main applicant is Open Club Serbia and the partners are: BKTF Albania, Naša Djeca Association Zenica Bosnia and Herzegovina, Children First Montenegro and KOMF Kosovo. The project will be implemented on behalf of ChildPact throughout January–December 2015.

The project aims at increasing the capacity and commitment of ChildPact and its members to give a voice to young people that risk social and economic marginalization and influence social reforms through analysis, monitoring and advocacy by joining their efforts in the regional association ChildPact.


  • Encourage evidence-based policy making by organising a regional conference to show how ChildPact’s Child Protection Index results compare among countries and create the framework for and pilot a youth-led Youth Wellbeing Index.
  • Increase the visibility of the project cause by organising social media trainings in each participating country, organising a regional story-telling workshop and a national story-telling contest and creating/updating the websites of all participating networks.
  • Create an innovative consultation methodology by organising a Simplicity Workshop in each participating country to identify ways for simplifying the legislative and bureaucratic hurdles that prevent youngsters to break the cycles of social and economic marginalization, by developing in each participating country a Simplicity Campaign to generate ideas for simplifying these bureaucratic processes and by organizing in each participating country a parliamentary hearing/high-level event.
  • Increase the communication and negotiation skills of coalition representatives by organising a regional training on coalition management and negotiations & communications for advocacy.

For more details about the project, please download this document.