Ways to support us


As an organization for the time being we cover all our costs through grants, but we want to diversify our income basis. We are grateful to our institutional donors for helping us through this funding mechanism (grants) and we will surely continue to propose ideas for grant-making. But if we are totally dependent on planned outcomes, we will not have the time to urgently seize political influencing opportunities because grant timelines and implementation plans need to come first.

If you want to see systemic changes in how children’s rights are protected and defended we invite you to consider a donation for ChildPact.


Intellectual capital is one of the most important assets an organization can have. Ideas are not the only component of intellectual capital, but they are surely a very important one. If you have ideas about policy-making and implementation can be improved in the ten countries we serve, please send them to us. Our team will assess them and if the board gives us the green light we will package them into projects, campaigns and actions. You can have a huge impact with a simple idea.

Send us an e-mail to to share your idea with us.


The knowledge and skills that we need to improve policy-making and implementation for children can only come through people. We have limited funding, so that employment or consultancy opportunities with us may not be abundant. But we are always happy to have your bio for the time such opportunities open up. As we are happy if you want to take an unpaid traineeship with us or do volunteer work.

Send us an e-mail to if you want to take an unpaid / volunteer position with ChildPact.


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