Background information on child rights and protection issues

Child rights and protection issues remain a serious concern in the wider Black Sea area. Comprehensive reforms are required towards building effective child protection systems to prevent child abuse and exploitation. ChildPact believes that the next level of success in child protection reform in our region is only possible by means of regional cooperation.


In 2012 the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organisation (BSEC) issued Recommendation 127/2012 on promoting child protection in the BSEC Member States. This document makes several important recommendations for regional cooperation in this field. It recommends to the governments and the parliaments of the BSEC Member States to: 1. encourage and support a regional civil society coalition to encourage a credible and consistent voice and partner on child protection issues; 2. create a regional trust fund for children of the Black Sea Region to sponsor new initiatives and key innovations in child protection; 3. promote the formation of a policy institute or conglomerate of academic institutions to support the methodology and process of nationwide scale-up of social services; 4. enhance cooperation in the field of children’s rights and child protection, particularly in addressing problems of transnational character.


ChildPact believes that the best way to capture all these four recommendations is by building a regional cooperation mechanism for child protection (RCM) to facilitate: 1. Exchange of experience (professional exchange meetings, study visits, training programs, capacity development, etc.); 2. Implementation of joint programmes and projects; 3. Joint research on regional child protection issues; 4. Monitoring the progress of child protection system reforms; 5. Bi- and multi-lateral cooperation on child protection issues. Following examples from other regions, while taking into consideration the specificities of our own region, the following dimensions could be envisaged for establishing a regional cooperation mechanism for child protection: 1. An inter-governmental dimension; 2. A civil society dimension; 3. An academic dimension; 4. A inter-parliamentary dimension. More information: in the enclosed document.