What we do

Our vision

Every child benefits of accessible, affordable and continuous protection inside and outside of family environment.

Our mission

ChildPact changes children’s lives by inspiring transformational child protection policy making and implementation.

Action statement

ChildPact believes child protection is an investment rather than a social assistance policy
and seeks to take child protection to the next and best level by:

  • Engaging with decision makers at all levels in meaningful and authentic ways (advocacy & policy)
  • Profiling as evidence and knowledge hub on child protection issues (documentation & knowledge sharing)
  • Enabling its members to tackle current and emergent challenges in child protection (capacity building)
  • Reinforcing the work of its members by conveying their messages above the national level (representation of interests)
  • Embedding child participation in its work (focus on children as actors not as beneficiaries)

Strategic Objectives

  1. ChildPact advocates for and contributes to evidence based policy making that embeds child protection at all levels of decision and implementation.
  2. ChildPact supports the strengthening of its members’ capacity to tackle current and emergent issues in child protection.
  3. ChildPact acts as a reference point on child protection issues