Who we are

ChildPact, the Regional Coalition for Child Protection, is a network of networks that brings together 600 child-focused NGOs from 10 different countries. Our members work with more than 500.000 vulnerable children. ChildPact advocates for regional cooperation and believes that child rights networks play an essential role in promoting the child protection reforms and innovation.

Our values and principles

ChildPact believes that opportunities to pursue peace and greater security in the region should start with children, as a non-sensitive issue and as an opportunity for regional cooperation that could forge new relationships and trust among regional stakeholders. Civil society coalitions are crucial for enhancing regional cooperation and for advancing child protection reforms from a strong position of dialogue partners with governments and decision-makers. ChildPact strongly believes that all children currently living in institutions are entitled to alternative, community-based care and that physical punishment should be forbidden.

Our history

In 2011, ChildPact is created as an informal coalition at the Black Sea NGO Forum held in Bucharest, as a joint initiative of the presidents of 7 child-focused national coalitions in the region.

In 2012, a Memorandum of Understanding is signed by the members and the organizational basis of ChildPact is established. Furthermore, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organisation issues the Recommendation 127/2012 on Child Protection in the BSEC Member States recommending governments to encourage a credible and consistent civil society voice and a partner on child protection issues.

In 2013, encouraged by the positive feedback, ChildPact continues to develop its identity, its scope & projects and to forge trust relationships among its members. ChildPact decides to work on 4 objectives: 1. Regional cooperation for child protection; 2. Implementation of the Child Protection Index; 3. Knowledge exchange & Strengthening its member national coalitions.

In 2014, through its project “Together for Children: Stronger Coalitions in the Wider Black Sea Area” ChildPact launches a mentorship programme for young professionals in the field, reinforces the advocacy capacity of its members, and facilitates study visits and learning experiences amongst coalition and governmental representatives across the region.

In January 2015, ChildPact is officially registered as a formal coalition of coalitions. ChildPact’s official signing ceremony took place during the Eurochild Annual Conference held in Bucharest in November 2014.

Our appreciation

ChildPact leaders extend their appreciation to World Vision International for its capacity building, assistance and partnership throughout its years of development. World Vision’s ability to strengthen local ownership while unifying civil society is a testament to its own development mission in the region.

ChildPact wishes to acknowledge the generous support of World Vision.

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