Albania: Request for financial support to civil society organizations to cope with the situation created by COVID-19

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Source: United for Child Care and Protection (BKTF) – Albania


H.E.Mr. Edi Rama, Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania,

Mrs. Ogerta Manastirliu, Minister of Health and Social Protection and Chair of the NCAC – National Council of Civil Society.


H.E.Mr. Ilir Meta, President of the Republic of Albania

Mr. Gramoz Ruçi, President of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania

Mr. Arben Ahmetaj, Minister Responsible for Controlling and Managing the Economic Situation during the COVID-19 Period in our Country.

Mrs. Anila Denaj, Minister of Finance and Economy,

Mr. Lulzim Basha, Chairman of the Democratic Party

Mrs. Monika Kryemadhi, Chairwoman of “Socialist Movement for Integration” party

H.E.Mr. Luigi Soreca, Ambassador of the European Union Delegation to Albania

H.E.Mrs. Yuri Kim, Ambassador of the United States of America to Albania

H.E.Mr. Peter Zingraf, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Albania

H.E.Mr. Duncan Norman, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Albania

Mr. Adrian Maître, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Switzerland to Albania

             Mrs. Elsa Håstad, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to Albania

Mrs. Guusje Korthals Altes, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Albania

Mr. Blendi Dibra, Vice President of NCAC – National Council of Civil Society

FROM: Civil Society Organizations Listed at the End of This Letter


Request for Financial Support from the Albanian Government to Civil Society Organizations in Albania, to cope with the situation created by COVID-19.

On behalf of the below listed Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), we express our gratitude and support for facing the crisis created by the COVID – 19 pandemic, a major disaster for our country and for the fact that it is happening very close to the earthquake tragedy of 26th of November. We are aware of the heavy costs these two disasters have caused and we are hopeful that we will overcome this critical situation.

Based on the experience of other countries / governments, which have included non-governmental organizations in their financial support, and based on the fact that in the COVID-19 Financial Support Plan that the government introduced on 19 March 2020 does not include CSOs; Given the fact that there are about 9,546 people employed in this sector as well as the positive contribution of CSOs to the social challenges of our country, we look forward to considering our request to include CSOs in the plan.

CSOs are a long-term investment of the Albanian Government and of Donors and have professional qualified staff. Since 1992, CSOs have conceived and implemented thousands of projects that have eased the challenges of the Albanian Governments, in particular the social strata most exposed to unemployment, poverty, education challenges, access to health and other services, such as those for people with disabilities, etc.

CSOs around the world are considered as a useful investment. For this opportunity, the adoption of tires in the Government of Albania anti-crisis support plans, provide long-term vision services and enable a domestic service.

Apart from the inherent difficulties, as you are aware of the tax legislation of CSOs, we are treated as the business sector in terms of tax liabilities, even though we are non for profit and we don’t distribute dividend.

We, as much as businesses, or perhaps more than them, need financial support as a result of the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic. CSOs in Albania are not financially or sustainably supported by central government and local government. CSOs in Albania operate through donor projects.

Some of us are helped by the business sector, support that has declined substantially or has been canceled since the earthquake. As a result of the COVID-19 situation, CSOs have been unable to ensure their existence in the pandemic situation because donors postpone project implementation or cancel them, and this has resulted in inability to make payments for the salaries of CSO employees and other basic costs for carrying out our institutional activity.

Many of us are service providers to the most vulnerable social groups in Albania, and we need to continue to pay staff salaries and insurance, and other costs such as rent, miscellaneous taxes such as city taxes, property taxes (those CSOs that have their own buildings), tax boards, etc.

As Executive Directors of the within here listed NGOs, not knowing how many days, weeks or months this situation will last, we are concerned for the financial obligations that we have to pay to our employees, towards the landlords and towards the Albanian Government.

The most efficient way we propose is to directly involve CSOs in concrete projects, in specific areas and for the social strata for which we are profiled. We seek your financial support for our sector in this time of crisis: (i) by treating us with our employees’ monthly salaries and (ii) with fixed costs grants and (iii) fiscal facilities for our institutions same or similar to other sectors in Albania!!

Thanking you in advance for the care you will show for our sector, as an essential sector in having an open and democratic society in Albania, we look forward to your decision reflected in the normative acts of the Financial Support Plan for COVID-19 Crisis.



  1. Emanuela Zaimi – Fondacioni “Down Syndrome Albania”, Qendra e Shërbimeve “PRO PAK” (, +355674885864 dhe, +355693443345)
  2. Aferdita Seiti – Shoqata “Ndihmoni Jetën“ ( , 0682084945)
  3. Anisa Dizdari – Qendra “Tiss“, Qendra e Shërbimeve dhe Trajtimit PsikoSocial ( ,0692080488)
  4. Zela Koka – MEDPAK, Mbrojtja e të Drejtave të Personave me Aftësi të Kufizuara (  0693577247)
  5. Altin Hazizaj – CRCA/ECPAT Shqipëri ( , + 355672075330)
  6. Suela Koçibellinj – Vizion OJF (  0672055072)
  7. Lindita Senia – Qendra “Future for you” ( , 0696689806)
  8. Fatma Spahiu – Qendra Shqiptare për Integrimin e Njerëzve me Nevoja të Veçanta (, 0675276592)
  9. Mimoza Deliu – Shoqata Alternative ( , 0697695328)
  10. Oreada Kita – Qendra “Jonathan” – ( , 0682019727)
  11. Franceska Muço – Rrjeti i Profesionisteve te Rinj ( , +355698388683)
  12. Ervin Shehaj – Green Line Albania (  , 0692545900)
  13. Sevim Arbana – Shoqata „Në Dobi të Gruas Shqiptare” ( , +35542223001)
  14. Eglantina Bajrami – Autizmi Flet- Klubi Kombëtar i Prindërve me Fëmijë me Spektrin Autik dhe PAK (  , 0697225910)
  15. Suela Lala – Fondacioni “Së bashku” ( , 0692694515)
  16. Adelina Pjetra – “Mental Health Albania” ( , 0697482338 )
  17. Nensi Dragoti – Fondacioni Arsimor Shqiptar, ( )
  18. Klodiana Kadeli – Power of Education ( )
  19. Ergyz Gezka – Shoqata LIBURNETIK ( )
  20. Egla Bardhi – Together for life ( , 0692066522)
  21. Armela Pengili – Qendra ACT for SOCIETY ( 0698304533)
  22. Mimoza Ikonomi – Youth for Social Changes (
  23. Angjelos Shkurti – Fondacioni Shëndetësor ABC ( ,0699626784)
  24. Lusiana Mailaj – Njerëzit të Parët ( )
  25. Blerina Gjoka – Fondacioni “Kujto” ( )
  26. Arbër Kodra – Open Mind Spectrum Albania (OMSA) ( )
  27. Danjel Bica – Shoqata ”Ekspertët e Rinj Mjedisor” (SHERM Albania) ( , 0672531269)
  28. Luis Bekteshi.- Qendra Rinore “Perspektiva” ( )
  29. Mirgit Vataj – Linja Kombëtare e Telefonit të Ndihmës për Fëmijët – ALO 116111 ( )
  30. Ana Mullanji – Organizata „Përtej Barrierave“ ( )
  31. Elvis Çela – Qendra Mjedisore për Mbrojtje, Edukim dhe Rehabilitim (, 0672054788)
  32. Ermelinda Mahmutaj – Qendra Mjedisore EDEN ( )
  33. Mirela Koçi – Auleda, Local Economic Development Agency (
  34. Ali Coka – Shoqata e Hortikulturës Organike-Bioplant Albania (
  35. Ana Majko – Nisma për Ndryshim Shoqëror, ARSIS (
  36. Arjel Trajani – SHKEJ, Shoqata Kombëtare “Edukim për Jetën” ( dhe
  37. Mihallaq Qirjo – Qendra Burimore e Mjedisit në Shqipëri (
  38. Lavdosh Ferruni – Shoqata e Bujqësisë Organike ( )
  39. Genti Kromidha – Instituti Për Ruajtjen e Natyrës në Shqipëri ( dhe
  40. Aleksandër Trajce – Qendra “Për Ruajtjen dhe Mbrojtjen e Mjedisit Natyror në Shqipëri” ( )
  41. Ahmet Mehmeti – Klubi Ekologjik Elbasan ( )
  42. Alminda Mema – Qendra e Informacionit Aarhus Shkodër ( )
  43. Ines Leskaj– AWEN, Albanian Women Empowerment Network ( )
  44. Tefta Mala – NSGK, Shoqata “Ndihmë Sociale Gruas Kryefamiljare” ( )
  45. Mirela Arqimandriti – Qendra “Aleanca Gjinore për Zhvillim” ( )
  46. Ylldise Brahimi – Fond. “ARZHV” (
  47. Qamile Gishti – Agjencia Rajonale e Zhvillimit Berat ( )
  48. Gentiana Decolli – Për Mirëqenie Sociale dhe Mjedisore, Berat ( )
  49. Genc Laci, Shoqata në Mrojtje të Jetës dhe Ekosistemit, Fushë Krujë ( )
  50. Valbona Mazreku – Milieukontakt Shqipëri, ( )
  51. Elona Prroj – Fondacioni “Jo Gjakmarrjes-Po Jetës” (
  52. Iris Luarasi – Linja e Këshillimit për Gra dhe Vajza dhe Linja e Këshillimit për Burra dhe Djem (
  53. Edlira Çepani – Barazi në Vendimmarrje ( )
  54. Laureta Roshi – Platforma Kombëtare për Gratë ( )
  55. Malvina Krena -Qendra “Bashkë për të Ardhmen“, Durrës ( )
  56. Jonida Naska – Organizata “Center for Bridging Communities” ( )
  57. Rami Hadroj – Vish Këpucët e Mia – ( )
  58. Alma Prendi – Shoqata “Rreze Shprese” ( )
  59. Mirjam Reçi – Qendra e Zhvillimit të Shoqërisë Civile, Durrës (
  60. Florjan Rojba – ANAD, Shoqata Kombëtare Shqiptare e Njerëzve që Nuk Dëgjojnë (
  61. Besarda Taçi, Emdr Albania (
  62. Blerta Balilaj Brovina – Rrjeti për Demokraci i gruas Shqiperi Women’s Democracy Network Albania (
  63. Saimir Beqiraga – “Intelektualet e Rinj, Shprese” ( )
  64. Sashen Rexhepaj – Shoqata Logopedistët Shqiptarë ( )
  65. Donika Godaj – Shoqata Kristiane e Grave Shqiptare (
  66. Naureda Bajraktari – Qendra e Shërbimeve dhe Praktikave Ligjore të Integruara ( )
  67. Brikena Puka – Qendra Psiko Sociale VATRA (
  68. Koalicioni Kombtar i Strehzave Antitrafikim ( )
  69. Zhuljeta Veizaj – Shoqata “Rreze Jete”( )
  70. Jerola Ziaj – Agjensia për Demokracinë Vendore në Shqipëri,  LDA Albania (
  71. Elma Tershana – Observatori për të Drejtat e Fëmijëve dhe të Rinjve (
  72. Ersida Teliti – Qendra e Konsumatorit Shqiptar (
  73. Brisilda Taco – Rromano Kham (
  74. Erida Gjermeni – Qendra Media dhe Çështjet Shoqërore ( )
  75. Karolina Rista – Infinit+ ( )
  76. Bruna Hylviu – Qendra për Popullsine dhe Zhvillimin (ACPD) – ( )
  77. Edvin Lamce – Fondacioni Gjirokastra GCDO (
  78. Aurora Zylaj – Well Point-Kujdes për të gjithë (
  79. Manjola Veizi – Qendra për të Drejtat e Gruas Rome ( )
  80. Rezarta Sheshaj – Organizata “Në familje, për familjen” (
  81. Bashkim Rodoni Qendra Multimediale Shteg (
  82. Arjan Cala – “Tjetër Vizion Elbasan” ( )
  83. Mariana Meshi  – “Të Ndryshëm & Të Barabartë (different&; )
  84. Marsela Lekli – Organizata ” Qendra Zhvillimit Social-Psikologji” ( ; )
  85. Silva Pasha – Shoqata “Qendra Zhvillimore e Bulqizës” ( )
  86. Fabiola Laço Egro – “Today for the Future” Community Development Center Network ( )
  87. Organizata “Gruaja tek Gruaja”
  88. Zyra për Djem dhe Burra
  89. Ambasada Pink Shqipëri (
  90. Gerta Hagen – Fondacioni Spitalor i Nënës dhe Fëmijës (
  91. Linda Pino – Koalicioni për Arsimin ( )
  92. Willem Carel Fred Westerink Shkbsh- PFA ‘Shoqeria Kristiane e te Burgosurve te Shqiperise’ (;
  93. Orges Hysenaj “Teen Challenge Albania” (
  94. Gentjan Dervishaj – ICEJ ALBANIA (
  95. Dana Molla – Betesda House of Grace (
  96. Artur Shehu – Fondacion Baptist i Tiranës (
  97. Blerta Cani – Fondacioni Shqiptar për të Drejtat e Personave me Aftësi të Kufizuara ( )
  98. – 113. Andi Tepelena – Skena e Pavarur Kulturore ( SPK) e perbere  nga 15 organizatat kulturore me aktive ne vend ( ;

      114. Blerta Cela Kamberi  – CHE ALBANIA (

      115. Vera Minga Neziri Shoqata Hemofilia Shqiptare (

      116. Oltion Shena – FOOD BANK ALBANIA (toni.shena@foodbank )

      117. Haxhi Balliu – Shoqata AKS Librazhd ( )