Black Sea NGO Forum held in Istanbul

Press release

Between 23-25 October ChildPact participated at the the 12th edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum held in Istabul, Turkey. Nearly 130 participants and speakers coming from the governmental and nongovernmental sector along with experts and activists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania as well as Greece, Serbia and USA participated to the event.

On the second day of the event ChildPact organised a Parallel Thematic Workshop on “Good Governance for NGO Networks and NGOs”.

The main objectives of the workshop were:

  •  Explore the different understanding of the concept of good governance as applicable to NGO networks and NGOs and facilitate a common understanding relevant in our region and in line with accepted standards
  • Engage the participants into meaningful facilitated debate on the components of good governance
  • Facilitate the exchange of experiences and practices across the region with regard to good governance for NGO Networks and NGOs

Ms. Mariana Ianachevici from The Alliance of Active NGOs in the field of Child and Family Social Protection (APSCF Moldova ) and Ms. Cristina Rigman, Secretary General of ChildPact – Regional Coalition for Child Protection facilitated the workshop. 

The participants had lively discussions on many challenges that the diversity of CSOs poses to their good governance. Among the topics raising the greatest interest were the following: should the principles of good governance be applied similarly to all CSOs or should they be tailored to their capacities and purpose? Should the ease of bureaucracy and administration burden for CSOs be done with less or no rules on certain operational aspects or with clear and good rules? How do we apply transparency in the CSO activity? Among the key conclusions that participants agreed upon is the essential role that each individual plays in all its capacities, as a citizen, as a CSO activist and as a professional and the fact that good governance has to start with applying integrity at individual level in all our capacities.

The Black Sea NGO Forum was organsied by the Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND (as coordinator of the Black Sea NGO Forum), with the financial support of the European Commission and in partnership with the Center for International and European Studies (CIES), Kadir Has University, Istanbul.

The agenda of the event is available here.

The concept note of the event is available here.