Moldova: Public consultations for the Government Action Plan for 2019-2020

Source: The Alliance of Active NGO’s in the Field of Social Protection of Family and Child from the Republic of Moldova

On August 8, 2019, APSCF took part in the public consultation for the Government Action Plan 2019-2020, the component “Health” and “Social protection and employment” organised by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection.

APSCF presented recommendations for the policy priorities to be achieved by June 2020, in particular:

Child Protection Strategy 2014-2020. The Child Protection Strategy should be updated based on the mid-term / alternative evaluation and financed with adequate resources, and should include clear impact indicators and a realistic monitoring and evaluation system.

Data collection for child protection. A centralized system should be developed and implemented for all clusters of the UNCRC, in particular with regards to children from vulnerable groups (living in poverty, children whose parents have migrated abroad, children victims of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, etc.).

The mechanism for financing and contracting social services. All social services require a thorough review (where they exist) and / or elaboration (where they are lacking), in accordance with the funding standards. The mechanism of accreditation and inspection of social services requires revision and less bureaucracy. There is a need for a clear mechanism for contracting services from the NGOs, especially where the state does not have enough funding to cover the need for such services.

Cooperation with the civil society. Develop and implement a transparent and clear cooperation framework with civil society. Ensuring the de facto compliance with the provisions of the law on transparency in the decision-making process, in particular the participatory development of policy documents.