ChildPact becomes member of Child Rights Connect

ChildPact participated with a presentation at the General Assembly of Child Rights Connect on 9th of May and acquired member status in this occasion. As a network, Child Rights Connect has members at national, regional, and international levels, including other networks and child-led organisations. Child Rights Connect works closely with national NGOs and coalitions, UN agencies and experts, States, and children themselves, to advance children’s rights around the world.

ChildPact  is looking forward to becoming a key key partner and representing a region which is not very much represented in the network. As a group of organizations which are dedicated to the cause of protecting and advancing children rights we are eager to get actively engaged in Child Rights Connect, share resources and knowledge and forge future partnerships.

We believe the sense of belonging to a wider network committed to the same cause is an essential source of inspiration and we look forward to access to information, experience and knowledge from around the world and explore opportunities to engage in wider advocacy initiatives and meaningful partnerships.

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