Kosovo: The new Law on Preschool Education will establish measures for protection and safety of children

Source: Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection (KOMF) from Kosovo

The Concept Document on Preschool Education – Early Childhood Education was approved by the Government of Kosovo, and KOMF recommendation for measures and procedures for providing safe and protective environment for children in pre-school institutions was accepted.

The Thematic Group on Education of KOMF has sent a contribution to the draft concept document on the Law on Preschool Education in the framework of the public consultation process, where it has recommended that the law should foresee Child Protection Policy at preschool institutions to ensure the highest standards of behavior and professional practices so that children are protected and safe in pre-school institutions.

KOMF has estimated that the current law on preschool education drafted in 2006 is not in line with the policies and practices of the developed states regarding the protection of children in pre-school institutions. The law does not define the establishment and implementation of the Child Protection Policy at preschool institutions as a key tool to ensure a safe and protective environment for children. KOMF has emphasized that, moreover, Policy will ensure that the principles of Child Rights Convention are applied and implemented.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in the framework of the concept paper has accepted KOMF recommendation, and has reflected ii on the concept paper as follows: “The new law will establish measures for the protection and safety of children; The new law will be aligned with the Child Rights Convention.

KOMF will continue to promote Child Protection Policy as a tool that enhances awareness and common understanding on abuse, and creates a system of prevention, response and protection for children against different forms of abuse. This will be achieved through contribution for the advancement of legislation, increase of capacities of organizations and institutions to implement child protection policy and raise awareness on the importance of applying measures and procedures for the safety and protection of children.