Bosnia and Herzegovina: Children’s Manifest – Don’t Neglect Our Needs!

Source:  Stronger Voice for Children

How to insure that every child goes to school, has books, school meals and everything he needs? Can schools be reformed  to be more practical, more modern and better? What can the state offer to young people who leave institutions for children without parents? How to prevent young people from leaving the country? Is it possible to access healthcare for all?

These and other important issues were discussed on public debate between children and representatives of political parties, held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 2nd of October 2018, five days before General elections in country. The public debate titled “Listen to My Voice!” was organized by the members of the Working Group for Child Protection – Save the Children, World Vision BH and Hope and Homes for Children in BH together with National Network for children BH “Stronger Voice for Children”.

In 2018 these organizations supported more than 200 children of different ages from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina in preparing messages for representatives of political parties who are running for the upcoming elections. Messages were grouped in four categories – Home and Family, School, Community and Environment and they are based on the priorities that children themselves have recognized as important in the communities they live in and about whom they talked personally with the representatives of the parties

Full content of Children manifest can be downloaded here.