Moldova – international expert to conduct assessment on the Municipal Directorate for Child Rights Protection

The Alliance of Active NGOs in the field of Child and Family Social Protection (APSCF) is selecting an international expert to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Municipal Directorate for Child Rights Protection (DMPDC). The purpose of this consultancy is to inform the Chisinau City Hall on the opportunities for improving the functionality of the Municipal Directorate for Child Rights Protection, thus creating the necessary knowledge and argumentation basis for further strengthening the municipal child protection system.


  • Assessing the DMPDC’s positioning in relation to other child rights related structures (e.g. Directorate of Education, Directorate for Social Protection and Health, General Inspectorate of Police, etc.), and its role in the overall child protection system in Chisinau municipality;
  • Providing insight into the mandate and functions performed by DMPDC, their alignment to national policies and priorities, results achieved against the current situation in child protection field in Chisinau municipality;
  • Assessing the extent to which the DMPDC activity has contributed toward improving the situation of vulnerable children in Chisinau;
  • Developing a comprehensive and time bound Roadmap for strengthening the municipal child protection system, including but not limiting to regulations, quality assurance, human resources, funding and service development etc.

Deadline for submitting bids – 06.09.2018.

Download the Terms of Reference HERE.

The bids will be sent by e-mail to with the topic of the message “Offer evaluation of DMPDC: international consultant”.

Incomplete bids will not be considered for evaluation.

APSCF reserves the right to request or reject proposals without giving explanations to bidders.