Child Protection Index 2.0 to be launched in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Source:  Stronger Voice for Children

In 2015, seven countries including Bosnia and Herzegovina, with support of World Vision Germany, BMZ Germany and ChildPact, piloted the Child Protection Index, a new and promising tool measuring efforts of governments to protect children. Before this regional effort, the Index was also piloted in two more countries, Bulgaria and Romania.

The official launch of the Child Protection Index was held in Brussels in September 2016.  The tool was positively welcomed among many international representatives of government and CSO’s. The review for each country’s scores that analyses specific child protection issues through the five dimensions of government action is available at

The Network Stronger Voice for Children and World Vision Bosnia and Herzegovina promoted the first Child Protection Index for Bosnia and Herzegovina in December 2016. As data the gathered during the Index pilot phase included information up to the year 2013, World Vision in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Stronger Voice for Children joined efforts once again to implement the Child Protection Index 2.0, aimed to provide more up to date data on the state’s efforts and progress made in protecting children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The development and implementation of the Child Protection Index 2.0 aims to further improve the reporting on the progress of the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as encourage regional cooperation and the exchange of lessons learned in critically important areas of child protection.

The UNCRC Articles included in Child Protection Index 2.0

  • Child-family separation (Article 9)
  • Violence against children (Art.19)
  • Alternative care (Art.20)
  • Children living and/ or working in the street (Art.20)
  • Adoptions (Art.21)
  • Children with disabilities (Art.23)
  • Child labour/ exploitation (Art.32)
  • Substance/ drug abuse (Art.33)
  • Sexual exploitation (Art.34)
  • Child trafficking (Art.35)
  • Child refugees, emergency intervention and protection in cases of armed conflict (Art.22 and 38)
  • Juvenile justice experts (Art.37 and 40)

On 22nd of April 2018, a training for 14 data collection experts was held in Sarajevo by the regional expert, Mr. Andy Guth. Besides basic information on the Child Protection Index and methodology, it was a great opportunity to share experiences, best practices and lessons learned during data collection for CPI 1.0.

In the coming two months, the experts will work on data collection and merging of information and promotion of results for CPI 2.0 is expected in September 2018.

Parallel with data collection, World Vision in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Stronger Voice for Children Network will hold a number of meetings with governmental institutions in order to make the most use of data that will be available.

‘Stronger Voice for Children’ (SVC) is ChildPact’s member in Bosnia and Herzegovina gathering 20 civil society organizations that work with and for children, providing different services and activities. SVC was established in 2009, with the aim to strengthen influence of civil society organizations on local, national and international level and advocate for promotion and implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Main activities of the Network include promotion of child participation, child rights monitoring in the country and advocacy for overall improvement of children quality of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.