Georgia: The Coalition for Children and Youth on Child Protection Release Statement on Homophobic Bullying and Abuse

Photography credits: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

Source: The Georgian Coalition for Children and Youth

17 May 2018

Child protection from all forms of abuse and violence is a particularly pressing issue in Georgia today. One of the most severe forms of violence is homophobic bullying when children or adolescents are bullied because of different views, appearance or behavior. We, as a coalition of organizations working on children’s rights, urge the Government of Georgia to create a child safe environment free from discrimination and violence for all children, ensure effective prevention and elimination of homophobic bullying and prevention of adolescents’ stigmatization and exclusion.

In Georgia there is no unified mechanism for identifying and overcoming bullying (including homophobic bullying) that would widely use prevention approaches. Young people who are in the process of their identity exploration need special support provided by family, school and society.

Asa network of 41 organizations working on child welfare issues, we condemn stigmatization of adolescents despite gender identity, physical and intellectual abilities, ethnic or religious origin! All children have the right to be protected and have the opportunity to develop. We call on all responsible bodies of the Government of Georgia to take effective measures in this respect.

The Coalition for Children and Youth as a network of 41 organizations working on child welfare issues condemns adolescent’ stigmatization despite gender identity, physical and intellectual abilities, ethnic or religious identity and belonging! All children have the right to be protected and have the opportunity to develop. We urge all responsible government agencies to take effective measures to:

  • revise the unified referral mechanism for protection children against abuse as well as the Law on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination to ensure adequate protection of the youth from homophobic bullying;
  • develop the Georgian information resources and online platforms to provide parents and youth with comprehensive information, existing support mechanisms and online consultations;
  • ensure training for social service staff, including social workers and substitute family service staff;
  • create psychology and consulting services having relevant competence at the community and school levels;
  • begin long-term public awareness campaign about homophobic bullying risks and ways of solving.
  1. Children of Georgia
  2. Georgian Association of Social Workers
  3. SOS Children’s Village Georgia
  4. Save the Children, Georgian branch
  5. Partnership for Human Rights
  6. World Vision Georgia
  7. Partnership for Children
  8. First Step Georgia
  9. Public Health Foundation of Georgia
  10. Association Anika
  11. Global Initiative on Psychiatry
  12. Tanadgoma
  13. International Association Civitas Georgica
  14. International Association For Aid To Children Suffering From Leukemia
  15. The McLain Association for Children
  16. Caritas Georgia
  17. ADC Studio
  18. Association “Right to Health”
  19. Women’s Information Centre
  20. Anti-Violence Network of Georgia
  21. Small Group Homes Association
  22. Our Home Georgia
  23. The Georgian Centre For Psychosocial And Medical Rehabilitation Of Torture Victims – GCRT
  24. Rehabilitation Initiative for Vulnerable Groups
  25. Society „Biliki“
  26. Nonviolent Communication Institute
  27. Union “Imedi Plus”
  28. Child and Family Association
  29. Association for Assistance to Hearing and Speech Impaired Children (Parent’s Union)
  30. Welfare And Development Centre
  31. Union „Orioni“
  32. Initiative for Social Changes
  33. International Scout Centre Rustavi
  34. Young Pedagogues’ Union
  35. Divine Child Foundation of Georgia
  36. Partnership for Social Welfare – PSW
  37. Children’s Welfare League
  38. Child, Family, Society
  39. International Charity Fund For Children Suffering From Leukemia
  40. Mtskheta-Mtianeti Committee of Anti-Violence Network of Georgia
  41. Equal Opportunities Policy and Advocacy Institute