Kosovo: KOMF coalition submits contribution to the Concept Document on the Law on Preschool Education

Photography Credits: EvelynGiggles (Flickr)

Source: The Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF

KOMF has submitted a contribution to the Draft Concept Document on the Law on Preschool Education in the framework of the public consultation process.

Considering that the current law on pre-school education drafted in 2006 is not in line with the policies, practices and standards of developed countries in terms of child protection in pre-school institutions since the law does not define the establishment and implementation of the Child Protection Policy at preschool institutions as a key tool to ensure a safe and protective environment for children, KOMF proposed that the law should foresee drafting and implementation of a Child Protection Policy at preschool institutions which:

  • Provides clear guidelines to recognise the forms and symptoms of abuse
  • Establishes a concrete and effective system for the prevention and protection of children from harm
  • Establishes fast and effective response and reporting system in case of suspicion or eventual abuses
  • Guarantees periodic training’s for the purpose of their awareness as well
  • Ensures monitoring and continuous review of policy implementation within the pre-school institution

Kosovo should ensure that pre-school institutions have a Child Protection Policy to show its commitment to child protection. Additionally, this Policy will ensure that:

  • Children will be protected from abuse, exploitation and neglect by guardians, educators, and those who have access to their personal information and/or who have contact with children.
  • Personnel within preschool institutions will be protected. Information on child protection and actions to be taken in cases of childhood symptoms or cases of ill-treatment will be added.
  • Safe recruitment of staff working in educational institutions.
  • The principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child will be applied.

In the absence of a policy, each pre-school institution is most vulnerable to suspicion and abuse whether it is false or true.