Moldova: Considerations on the Session Committee on the Rights of the Child

Source: The Alliance of Active NGO’s in the Field of Social Protection of Family and Child (APSCF)

On the 19th of September, The Alliance of Active NGO’s in the Field of Social Protection of Family and Child (APSCF) organised a press club event in partnership with Ave Copii and the Child Rights Information Center (CRIC). The aim of the gathering was to discuss the measures taken by the government of the Republic of Moldova regarding the implementation of the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in the last 10 years. 

The alternative report of APSCF and the children’s report to UN Commission were analysed during the event. 

Participants at the event could also follow the live plenary session of the Session Committee on the Rights of the Child with the Government representatives of the Republic of Moldova. 

Mrs. Stela Grigoras, Minister of Health, Labour and Social Protection and Head of Delegation delivered a presentation about the main priorities of the Moldovan government in the field of child protection in the next years. Among the topics addressed there were: the consolidation of services for family support, the development of child protection models for children is extreme situations of risk, the development of early intervention programs and the increase of alterative care services, the implementation of the national program for social inclusion 2017-2022 and the creation of educational services for vulnerable children. 

In relation to the alternative report of APSCF, Mrs Mariana Ianachevici (President of APSCF) declared for NTV Moldova that: “The law in the Republic of Moldova says that all children must have access to free health care. At the same time, there are children who have never been to a dentist in their whole life. Many children in rural areas cannot afford to go to a doctor because their families do not have enough the money to cover for the prescribed medicines.”

Mrs Victoria Manolachi from the People’s Advocate (Ombudsman) office was also present at the meeting, together with civil society representatives, children who participated in the elaboration of the Children’s Report with the help of the the Child Rights Information Center (CRIC) and media representatives.