Message of the former President of ChildPact, Mariana Ianachevici

Last week, the ChildPact members gathered in Belgrade for the annual General Assembly. New members were welcomed to the network and a new Steering Committee and new President were elected, with a mandate of two years. We are publishing today the farewell message of the former President of ChildPact, Mariana Ianachevici. 

Dear colleagues,

Starting 27th of April 2017 my mandate as ChildPact President has come to an end. I want to thank the colleagues from the ChildPact Secretariat for their perseverance and constant work, but also for their patience. I also wish to Cristina Rigman – the new ChildPact Secretary General – success, inspiration and strength. I thank Mirela Oprea for the partnership and the team spirit and I wish her good luck in her new professional path. Roxana Todea, Cristina Negoiescu and Elena Herlea, you have been for me the little engine behind the Secretariat of ChildPact! I wish you success and keep up the good work.

The ChildPact Steering Committee has probably been the most challenging entity I have ever led! I hope this spirit will continue in the new committee.

To the new Steering Committee and to Joro Bogdanov, the new President, I wish a lot of success! I hope you will maintain what we managed to build until now and you will further develop the ChildPact network into what we dreamed of it some years ago.

I encourage the current and potential partners to trust the power of a regional network like ChildPact.

To the ChildPact members I also wish success and keep in touch!


Mariana Jan/ “Ms. President”