Child Protection Index Launched in Albania

On 28 April 2017, the Albanian coalition BKTF and World Vision launched the Child Protection Index (CPI) in Tirana.

The event was attended by the director of the State Agency for the Protection of Children’s Rights, civil society representatives, exponents from Terre des Hommes (who facilitated the organisation of the event), representatives from other organisations or CPUs who work with children in their daily job and child protection experts who took part in the data collection process.

Orinda Gjoni, one of the experts that participated in the data collection process, briefly described the findings and recommendations of CPI for Albania. The director of State Agency for the Protection of Children’s Rights, Ina Verzivolli and Vilma Cobani from World Vision, stressed the importance of the index for all the institutions which work with children and acknowledged that some progress has been registered in the child protection field in the last four years (the Index scoring is based upon data available as of December 2013).

Thus, important reforms were mentioned, like the Administrative-Territorial Reform, the Social Care Reform and National Agenda for Protection of Child Rights. Nevertheless, all the members that were part of the discussions emphasized the importance to continue monitoring government performance in the next edition of the index as it will bring relevant updates to be used by all actors involved. The findings of the Index were also appreciated for its regional relevance when comparing Albania with the neighboring countries.

The Child Protection Index in Albania

The Child Protection Index is an instrument created jointly by World Vision and ChildPact that measures a country’s child protection system against a common set of indicators. The Index is based on the prescriptions of a set of articles from the UNCRC as well as on the principles of a systems approach to child protection. The results from each country illustrate the government’s actions towards child protection through the lens of policy, service delivery, capacity, accountability and coordination. The Child Protection Index has been piloted in 9 countries through the work of more than 70 experts involved in data collection and analysis, the use of more than 600 indicators, and the issue of more than 100 policy recommendations. In Albania, the Child Protection Index has been implemented by the United for Child Care and Protection (BKTF).