Moldova – APSCF launches the Child Protection Index

On 11 April 2017, APSCF – the Alliance of Active NGO’s in the Field of Social Protection of Family and Child from the Republic of Moldova – launched the Child Protection Index. The event has taken place in Chișinău and was attended by representatives of Central Public Authorities, donor’s community, APSCF members and other organisations of civil society. The Child Protection Index, a tool created in partnership with ChildPact and World Vision, is designed to encourage regional cooperation, stimulate a more robust implementation of the UNCRC, and serve as a policy analysis tool for civil society, governments and donors. The Index consists of 626 indicators that together measure a state’s policy and actions to protect children.

The event was organised in the frame of the project „United Voices for Children” financed by the BMZ – Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, with support from UNICEF, on whose Implementation Handbook for the Convention on the Rights of the Child the Index is heavily relying on.

Liliana Rotaru, APSCF board member and president of CCF Moldova

According to the Child Protection Index, Moldova scores 0.52 out of a possible score of 1.0 in terms of the implementation of its UNCRC commitments, and there is a large gap (0.35) between policy and implementation. So far, a comparative analysis was conducted in 9 countries: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Serbia. Moldova ranks the 5th place, between Kosovo and Albania. Nevertheless „if Moldova is on the third or sixth place matters less. What matters is how Moldova three years from now compares with the present Moldova. With the Index, we intent to influence changes on medium and long term, changes that will transform the current system so that it will know how to react to specific issues of child protection in Moldova.”, says Liliana Rotaru, APSCF board member and president of CCF Moldova.

Mariana Ianachevici, APSCF President

The Child Protection Index channels the efforts to better monitor the child protection systems in the region and facilitate political dialogue and share of experiences at a regional level. „We are relying on the self-conscience of the authorities and the government’s desire to benefit from the best practices within the region”, says Mariana Ianachevici, APSCF president. „Based on the Index, we can pinpoint concrete and successful examples we may rely on so we can improve the lives of Moldavian children.”

Child Protection Index, Moldova 2016

Maia Bănărescu, Ombudsman for Children’s Rights in the Republic of Moldova, welcomed the initiative: „civil society has shown maturity. The Index shows us where we are and what we need to do next, being equally important for APSCF, other civil society organisations and institutions, etc. According to a recent study, Moldavian citizens consider that children’s rights are respected. Even the children, when asked whether their rights are respected or not, respond affirmative, but when you talk to them you find details that reflect a different reality.”

Iuliana Stratan, Project Manager for the EU Delegation in the Republic of Moldova, talked about the future of Index: „we need to think how can this instrument be incorporated in the national reporting system and how to use it for lobby and advocacy. It will be excellent if the Index can be piloted every 2 years, so we can see the bigger picture and the changes that happened in the meantime. This will help us to respond to the existing necessities of the child protection system, to coordinate our efforts and the donor’s financial help.”

Details about the results of the Child Protection Index in Moldova here.