KOMF alarms about the threat of closure of services provided by non-governmental sector for children in need

Source: The Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF

Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF, who represents the twenty-two non-governmental organization, within the mission for advocacy in defense of children’s rights, addressed the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare and municipalities alerting for the risk of closure of services provided by non-governmental organizations  for children who need residential care and day care. This is happening due to fail to ensure financial stability. This situation risk the closure of services provided to categories children mentioned above.

Based on this situation created, KOMF has required immediate actions by MPMS and municipalities to provide budget to guarantee the right of children for protection, as a right guaranteed by the Child Rights Convention, the Constitution and legislation in force.

Children who are placed in residential care and children who receive day care services by non-governmental organizations are vulnerable children. Under the legislation in force, state guarantees protection for these categories of children. These are mainly Children without parental care, children victims of abuse, children at risk of trafficking and victims of trafficking with low risk and children with disabilities.

KOMF appeals MPMS and municipalities to take emergency measures to prevent shut down of these services which are essential to ensure the protection, rehabilitation and reintegration of children, the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and applicable legislation of the Republic of Kosovo.