Fundraising campaign launched by National Network for Children appeals for support to build Children’s House in Sofia

Photography credits: National Network for Children

The National Network for Children launched fundraising campaign through the American platform Global Giving, where the donations done by American citizens and companies are tax deductible. Donations are accepted via credit and debit cards from countries all over the world. The campaign can be reached by clicking here.

Bulgaria is ranked on the first places among the European countries by the number of young people who do nothing with their lives – they don’t work either study anywhere. The number of those children is quite close to the citizen’s number in the fifth biggest town in Bulgaria – Stara Zagora. To change the extremely negative statistics, children and young people need to be motivated from an early age to take part in the family as well as the society life. This is what the National Network for Children aims with the Children’s House when it will be constructed.

The House of Children will provide an active and growing environment for children of different age, families, groups and social status. It will be a child-friendly, modern and innovative house of all children throughout the whole country. It will be a place for children’s rights protection and support as well as a center for training and preparation of young people for their leading future. It also will be a place for know-how exchange between members of the National Network for Children. When built, the House will be run as a social enterprise.

The National Network for Children already purchased land of 870 sqm thanks to the support of OAK & VELUX foundations. The next step is a public announced competition for the conceptual design of the Children’s House. This will be fulfilled with the professional partnership of the architectural association ‘Transformers’. Meanwhile, studies of the terrain and the provision of documentation necessary to start the construction have already begun and the start of the construction works is planned for spring 2017.

The campaign successfully reached its first goal to raise 5000 dollars until 30th September; the ultimate goal is to raise 25,000 dollars.

The National Network for Children is an alliance of near 140 non-profit organizations and supporters, working in the interests of the children across the whole country. The key principles that unite the organizations are protection and observing the children’s rights in Bulgaria. The Network’s team believes that all policies and practices that affect directly or indirectly the children should be developed, applied and observed, taking into account the principle of the best interest of the child and with the active participation of children and young people themselves.