Romania: investigations on a penal cause regarding institutionalised children in residential state care

Source: The Romanian Federation of Non-governmental Organizations (FONPC)

The Romanian Federation of Non-governmental Organizations and the SERA Romania Foundation offered specialized support to the Tribunal in Bucharest during the investigations undertaken on a penal cause regarding institutionalised children that live in residential state care. Together with a few NGO members and the SERA Foundation, FONPC ensured support to the Tribunal and to the National Authority for the Protection of Children’s Rights and Adoption with regards to respecting the rights of the child and for ensuring child protection.

FONPC and SERA Romania express their concern regarding such cases and call for increased responsibility in monitoring children’s rights in Romania. In the situation in which Romania does not have an Ombudsman for children that could protect their superior interest and facilitate children’s and young people’s access to a complaint system, we require the People Ombudsman to take all necessary measures for the protection of these minors.

FONPC asks the authorities to make sure that such circumstances do not occur in other institutions where children should be protected.

With the help of over 87 NGO members that are active in the domain of promoting children’s rights, the Federation, together with SERA Foundation which owns the presidency of FONPC through Mr Bogdan Simion, stands beside these children and will make sure that they are offered the best care during the period of investigations and beyond.

We believe that the child protection system needs a rapid reform, especially since state authorities ought to recognise the active role of NGOs in protecting children’s rights and accept their support.