News from Bosnia and Herzegovina and children’s perspective on investing

Source: Stronger Voice for Children from Bosnia and Herzegovina

On the 22nd June 2016, the first children’s panel discussion was held on the topic “Investing in children at the local level – from the perspective of a child”. This represents another activity contributing toward the successful realization of the project “Investment in Children”, implemented by the national coalition of child protection NGO’s.

M13450914_754599258014908_1696837855374870908_nembers of the group Children’s Parliament Zenica, which operates within the organization “Naša djeca” Zenica, part of the BiH national coalition of child protection NGOs, successfully implemented the aforementioned event and prepared topics and presentations supported by data obtained from studies conducted by themselves. They talked about education and leisure time for children, pointing to the difficulties children face growing up. Some of the outstanding problems are related to the inability of children from rural areas to attend pre-school and insufficient support provided to talented children in sports and culture.

The present guests recognized the importance of addressing these issues and agreed that the government should emphasise the investment in children. The main objective of the discussion was to draw attention to the visibility / invisibility of children on govermental budgets, in order to lead to a better allocation of resources for children.

Panelists were two members of the group Children’s Parliament: Ahmed Jasarevic, an example of a successful child and, to our delight, the representative of the organization “Save the Children”, Aida Ivkovic.13529160_754599108014923_9190715679339042151_n

The moderator of the panel discussion was also a member of the Children’s Parliament. Beside the panelists, this event was attended by other members of the group, their peers, as well as representatives of the city administration, council, teachers, educators, and parents.

One of the guests of the panel discussion was Aisa, 17-year-old girl who is a member and coordinator of the Association of High School students. She said: “I am glad that something like this is taking place, because it is necessary for young people to express their goals and ideas. It is important to hear the voice of youth”.

Guests left the City Library smiling and satisfied, because their future is safe with these young people who are present in Bosnia and Herzegovina today, but also beyond the borders of our country.