The ChildPact wider team: strategic discussions in strategic moments

The month of April has been a particularly productive one for ChildPact. On the week of 11-15 April, we have gathered many of our Board members in Belgrade, together with the coordinators of the national coalitions and the experts who have worked on refining the Child Protection Index.

One full day of the regional meeting has been dedicated to a Board meeting with the ChildPact Steering Committee members. There, the future strategic directions of ChildPact have been discussed and updates on the engagement and activities of ChildPact members have been shared. Thus, the issues discussed were related to ChildPact’s Strategy for 2016-2020, to the sustainability of the regional coalition, to the second implementation of the Child Protection Index and the advocacy directions of ChildPact.


Two days of the regional meeting have been dedicated to talking about the advancements and the future steps in one of our projects, ‘United Voices for Children, financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), through World Vision Germany and AgroInvest Serbia. The project partners are 7 ChildPact members from Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, and Serbia. The aim of the project is to contribute to maximizing child well-being, protection and rights by strengthening civil society. Child-focused coalitions have the expertise and the mission to solve the complexities that inhibit progress. Strengthened and united under ChildPact, these national actors will make use of their knowledge and joint power to monitor and influence government action on behalf of vulnerable children.

In Belgrade we have talked about the Celebrity and Business Programme that we have launched in the project countries, where the national child-focused coalitions benefited from the assistance of a consultant for the development of strategies for celebrity and business engagement. We have also talked about the development of minimum operational standards in a coalition through the up-coming ChildPact Governance Manual. And we have brainstormed on how to further implement the activities designed to ensure efficient fundraising strategies for the coalitions, and better media coverage of the child protection concerns through partnerships and trainings of journalists, in the countries.