Call for data visualisation experts

Photography credits: James Emery/Flickr

Under the project United Voices for Children, financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), through World Vision Germany and Agroinvest SerbiaChildPact and World Vision are looking for individuals or a small team of individuals with design and development skills to help us create an online interactive dashboard that is rich in data information graphics and visualisation tools. Some of the visualisation content will also be used to compile a printed brief for advocacy purposes as well. The team will work closely with World Vision’s Middle East and Eastern Europe Policy Director to support a final product.

Description of Consultancy Outcome and Outputs

Ideal candidates or teams will be interested in exploring and visualizing data and have a designer’s eye to think conceptually and visually communicate complex ideas in dynamic and accessible ways with a developer’s skill to build effective tools with solid code.

Outcome: to design and populate a web-based dashboard and fuller website able to support and display data visualizations and analysis of data collected. The dashboard tool should be intuitive, interactive and sophisticated with visuals that explain and compare government efforts to protect children. The branding and design should provide a professional and yet edgy look that is up to date and clean in appearance.


  • Review & suggest actions and visualizations in response to the data. Create interactive graphics, analysis tools and data visualizations that speak to the target audiences.
  • Provide design and style concepts/branding for the Index that validate the product’s sophistication and use.
  • Implement chosen branding and visualization actions to present the Index as a web-based interactive dashboard.

Overview of Final Product:

  • Web-based dashboard that allows for data filing by end user and shows the data through visualized sets for 9 countries.
  • Ability to print PDF outputs of country reports.
  • Index branded by strong design: color, font, visuals, etc.
  • Website hosts the following sections:  1) Dashboard, 2) Country-by-country analysis, highlights, visuals & recommendations for 9 countries, 3) Sub-regional and regional recommendations page with visuals, 4) Index-sponsoring organizations and contributors page.

Required Skill Sets

Could be a team of individuals with the following skillsets:

  • Graphic Designer. Experience creating a brand for a web-based product – to build colors, fonts and visuals.
  • Information Graphics and Visualization Designer: Experience building dynamic charts, live dashboards and user interaction components. Has learned best practices from a subject matter expert like Edward Tufte or Stephen Few. Can translate data into visual tools and outputs. Uses design effectively and efficiently for crisp design.
  • Front end development: Experience building interactive web-based tools using HTML, CSS and Java script (d3/jQuery/backbone/angular).Ability to work closely with designers and translate comps and mockups into functioning code. Ability to write clean, standards-compliant code that works across browsers
  • Back end development: Experience with back-end technologies (RoR, Django, PHP, etc.). Statistical analysis experience and ability (SQL, R)

All Team Members:

  • Strong communicator of both technical and nontechnical issues
  • Ability to keep to deadlines
  • Interested in development and policy issues that affect the lives of children
  • Fluency in English (writing and speaking) and an inquisitive mind
  • Flexibility with regards to products: multiple ideas/concepts might be needed before approval

Resources for Consultants

World Vision Middle East and Eastern Europe’s Director of Policy is charged with the oversight and day to day work for Index development. The Director of Policy will:

  • Review consultancy bids and interview finalists.
  • Set guidelines and work product requirements.
  • Introduce the Consultant(s) to relevant internal and external stakeholders.
  • Provide information on existing documents upon request.
  • Be available for interviews, clarifications, day to day work.
  • Review drafts of required deliverables and suggest necessary changes.
  • Approve draft and final versions of deliverables and “ok” payments accordingly with AgroInvest Foundation Serbia.

AgroInvest Foundation is charged to hire the consultant or team of consultants for this project.

Important Dates & Timeline

Deadline for bids: March 8, 2016

Interviews for finalists: March 14 – 15, 2016

Start date: March 16, 2016

Draft wireframe, branding concepts and visualisations delivered: April 1, 2016

Full draft delivery of website delivered: April 30, 2016

To Apply:

Submit CV, past notable web-based dashboards/visualisations/designs, letter describing interest and bid to:

Please copy:,, and in all submissions.

Bids may contain one or all three aspects of this consultancy:

  • Graphics Designer
  • Information Graphics and Visualization Designer
  • Front End Web Developer
  • Back End Web Developer

Teams or individuals who can support all four skill sets will be more favourably reviewed.

For more information please download this ToR.