Child Protection Index launched in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian National Network for Children launched the Child Protection Index at the beginning of the year and presented the results to representatives from state institutions, experts, members of the academia and colleagues from other non-governmental organizations.

The Child Protection Index (the Index), a joint project of World Vision and ChildPact, is a comparative policy tool, organised and implemented by local and national level civil society organisations, that measures a country’s current child protection system against a common set of indicators. The Index uses specific child protection articles from the UNCRC and principles from a systems approach to child protection as the common foundation. The results from each country level index illustrate each government’s actions towards child protection through the lens of policy, service delivery, capacity, accountability and coordination.

According to feedback from the Agency for Social Assistance, “The Index raises questions, which have to find their answers but also require reaching consensus for the necessary steps needed for their solution. We are going to put the necessary effort for forming this consensus within the framework of a dialogue with all stakeholders in the process of formulation, execution, control and monitoring of the policies.”

George Bogdanov, executive director at the National Network for Children presented the main challenges of the Index in Bulgaria during the conference “The Child – a National Priority” commemorating the 15th anniversary of the State Agency for Child Protection, which took place in January 2016.

The conference was dedicated to Bulgaria’s achievements and challenges for the development of the child protection system in the context of the implementation of the principles of the UN convention on the Rights of the Child. Representatives from various state institutions, UNICEF and many non-governmental organizations attended the event.