Armenian Child Protection Network launches new project

Source: Child Protection Network, Armenia 

The Armenian Child Protection Network in partnership with Inclusion Europe NGO has launched a project on contributing towards General Comment on Article 24 of the Convention of the Rights of persons with disabilities (CRPD), funded by Open Society Foundations. The leading organization is Inclusion Europe NGO in partnership with the Armenian Child Protection Network,  Sumero from B&H; Rytmus from Czech Republic, Inclusion Netherlands and Down Madrid from Spain.

The activities of the project include:

  • the provision of comments on the draft General Comment
  • the organization of a side event at the CRPD Committee session in April 2016.

The project aims at mobilizing the national civil society in the selected project countries (Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Spain and the Netherlands) to contribute towards informing the CRPD about situations in their respective countries regarding inclusive education, with a European perspective provided through the involvement of Inclusion Europe. The involved organizations will contribute to the CRPD Committee discussion in terms of national experiences when it comes to inclusive education of people with intellectual disabilities. They will pursue an aim to convince the CRPD Committee that issues of inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities into the mainstream education merit to be singled out and particularly recognized in the General Comment, ensuring full inclusion of all people with intellectual disabilities into the mainstream education, and finally recommending that dual educational systems and special schools for children with disabilities need to be abandoned.