ChildPact Members Meet in Belgrade

Between the 20th and the 24th of July ChildPact brings together its members from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania and Serbia. The meeting takes place in Belgrade and it has two main objectives: 1. plan the implementation of the project United Voices for Children (UVC) and 2. discuss its plans for the future, during a strategy workshop.

The first two days of the meeting were dedicated to discussing the UVC strategy that envisages that 1.5 million children will  benefit from new government efforts. The project aims to strengthen the national coalitions advocating for children’s rights and for child protection reforms in the region, to support these coalitions in being more vocal in their dialogue with the national governments and to provide them with the necessary tools that measure the child protection realities in their countries – represented by the Child Protection Index. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and it is implemented by World Vision Germany, AgroInvest Foundation Serbia and ChildPact while the beneficiaries are the child focused national coalitions from Albania, Armenia, BiH, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova and Serbia.

The following meeting days are dedicated to setting the basis for ChildPact’s Strategy for the next four years. Together with our strategy consultant, Cristina Rigman, the coalition representatives assess ChildPact’s progress from its establishment in 2011, discuss future directions, how they want to advance the cooperation between countries and with ChildPact and talk about the concrete ways to put in practice their vision. Finally, further consultations will take place to: 1. develop and pilot the Child Protection Index in each of the ChildPact countries and 2. create a ChildPact Governance Manual, a list of operational and funding standards that are recommended for ChildPact members and for other child rights coalition in our region and the world.