Kosovo Coalition joines forces with the Parliamentary Commissions for the protection of child rights

Source: Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection (KOMF) from Kosovo 

The Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF, held a workshop organized in cooperation with the Commission for Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons and Petitions and the Commission for Health and Social Welfare. The initiative aimed to identify ways of cooperation between KOMF and the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo and develop joint actions in the field of child rights and child protection in Kosovo.

“Let this meeting be a starting point for the establishment of cooperation in the drafting and monitoring processes of laws”, declared Donjetë Kelmendi. the executive director of KOMF.
Mr. Mexhide Topalli from the Commission for Human Rights declared: “As KOMF has joined forces for one mission, the Government of Kosovo has a mission too. The mission of the government is to fulfill and implement the international standards for the protection of children, to establish and implement norms, as well as to work on behalf of children, so that their voices can be heard”.

Deputy Besa Baftiu from the Commission for Health and Social Welfare declared that since 2012 the government has started to prepare a law for children, but it need years to finalize it. “The will of us all is to defend children rights through various initiatives, but when we came to the financial aspects, the Government of Kosovo hesitates to take the step for the creation of laws. Laws are not implemented in practice at all.”, said Baftiu.
In the open discussion on the issue of child protection and child right, Gani Lluka, KOMF’s secretary, declared that the good cooperation between the highest instances of the state and civil society is more than necessary. “We have requested the creation of a specific grant within the municipal level, which can offer special services for those children who need and can benefit from this grant. I call the institutions, to make efforts, and I especially ask you, parliamentarian members, to give your support for the creation of this grant, in order to be able to fulfil the children rights”, Lluga declared.
The discussion continued with statements from the members of KOMF and other invited participants, who agreed to further cooperate on the creation of a joint action plan between KOMF and the Parliamentary Commissions which includes the Law on Child Protection, a specific grant for social services under the Law of Local Government Finance, as well as future field visits during the monitoring of legislation.