“Exceptional Achievement in International Development” Award

Source: MFA Romania

During the 2015 Civil Society Gala that took place in Bucharest on 15 June, the award “Exceptional Achievement in International Development” was extended to World Vision Romania by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for supporting ChildPact and for World Vision’s overall efforts in promoting child protection reforms in our region.

ChildPact expresses its gratitude to World Vision’s family of organizations for supporting the creation of the coalition and for its continuous assistance throughout these four years. Together, we have created the Child Protection Index, recently launched in Georgia and Moldova, an independent monitoring tool that we are all proud of.

Today, as a registered and independent regional coalition, ChildPact unites ten child protection coalitions from ten countries that represent 650 local and national NGOs that work with more than 500,000 vulnerable children.

We are honored that our work has been acknowledged. This prize gives us renewed energy to continue our work in monitoring child protection policies and advocating for systemic child protection reforms in the countries of our region.