Call for Experts: Data Collection Manager

Photography credits: Roxana Todea

With funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, World Vision Middle East and Eastern Europe, ChildPact and its members are now developing the Child Protection Index in Kosovo, Albania, Armenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, after having piloted it in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia and Serbia.

We are seeking a Data Collection Manager to work on the data collection process in one or more countries mentioned above. Please see the Terms of Reference here (PDF).

The Data Collection Manager should fulfil the following conditions:
• Have demonstrated extensive experience (minimum 7 years of work) in child protection: child abuse and neglect, child labour, exploitation (including sexual), child trafficking and missing children, drug abuse, adoptions, and alternative care for children, etc.
• Have excellent research and academic writing skills, as per proven record;
• Have previous experience in developing, starting and assessing child protection programs;
• Have excellent communications skills and the ability to work in a multi-cultural environment;
• Have the ability to inspire and coordinate teams of researchers and an inclusive attitude that allows for a wide array of stake-holders to contribute meaningfully;
• Have an excellent command of English (reading, writing, speaking), an excellent ability to meet deadlines, a feeling for design, creativity and a personality that thrives in a competitive environment.
• Have an excellent knowledge / understanding of the NGO and public sector and an university degree in relevant social fields: social work, psychology, etc.

The selected consultant/s are expected to lead the data collection process in one or more countries mentioned above, based on an Indicators’ Frameowork that includes 600+ indicators. The Data Collection Manager will not collect data himself: in every country a team of 8 local-level consultants are in charge for the data collection process. The Data Collection Manager will inspire and coordinate the work of the local-level consultants; she/he will develop reports based on the collected data, according to need; she/he will present the results of the Child Protection Index in national and international contexts; she/he will be ready to work with a wide array of stake-holders that may want to contribute to the Child Protection Index.

World Vision and ChildPact plan to select one or two consultants for this role and while doing so they also mean to build a roster of experts who could be interested to collaborate for the future extensions of the Child Protection Index.

If interested, please send your CV and a motivation letter with your daily fee, in English, to, before June 15th.

Additional documents that prove the above-mentioned skills, a written contribution or an interview may be required at a later stage.

For inquiries only, please contact Mirela Oprea, ChildPact Secretary General,