Child Protection Index in Kosovo: Selection of Experts

With funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, World Vision Middle East and Eastern Europe, ChildPact, World Vision and KOMF are now developing the Child Protection Index in Kosovo, after having piloted in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia and Serbia.

The project implementers are now selecting a pool of English speaking experts from Kosovo. If you are interested to contribute to this endeavor please download this TOR or see the selection criteria and application procedures below.


The child protection experts should be representatives / members / affiliates of KOMF and fulfil the following conditions:

  • Hold an university degree in relevant social fields: social work, psychology, etc

  • Have relevant experience/ expertise in child protection: child abuse and neglect, child labour, exploitation (including sexual), child trafficking and missing children, drug abuse, adoptions, and alternative care for children

  • Have good knowledge / understanding of the public sector

  • Have previous experience in assessing child protection programs

  • Have an excellent command of English (reading, writing, speaking)

One of these experts will act as a country coordinator. The country coordinator will be a recognized leading child protection professional with good coordination and communication abilities.


The legal experts should also be representatives / members / affiliates of KOMF or KOMF close collaborators. They will meet the following conditions:

  • Hold university degree in legal studies

  • Have relevant child protection expertise

  • Have an excellent command of English (reading, writing, speaking)


The selected experts are required to participate to a 1-day training on the data collection methodology and provide documented answers to approximately 250 indicators, within an agreed timeframe of approximately two months.


If interested please send your CV and a motivation letter in English to, before June 15th.


The person in charge for centralizing the data collected by the experts is Andrei Petre Guth, Data Collection Manager, The local cordination is ensured by Donjeta Kelemendi, KOMF Executive Director,