Call for Experts to Create a Governance Manual for Coalitions

Under the project Unified Voices for Children, we are looking for experts to help us create a Governance Manual for ChildPact and its members. The Governance Manual will be composed of operational and funding standards and other elements that can help ChildPact and its members to improve their governance and guide coalitions through a self-reflection process on operational and funding standards.

We are also looking for a consultant, a group of consultants or (preferably) an NGO partner specialized in civil society development that can deliver a series of intellectual products, workshops and training activities that can help ChildPact and its members develop their governance structures and habits.

To apply for this consultancy / partnership, please check out this Terms of Reference (Pdf) and send the following documents to Mirela Oprea (, before April 5, 2015:

  • CV(s) of the consultant(s) proposed for the task, with a focus on similar assignments
  • At least two samples of similar work (reports, project proposals, etc.)
  • A detailed financial proposal that includes the hourly fees for coaching time.