How could SOCIEUX be useful for the ChildPact members?

Photo: Justin Scott Campbell/Flickr

SOCIEUX (Social Protection European Union Expertise in Development Cooperation) is a technical assistance facility which has been set up by the European Commission’s DG Development and Cooperation (EuropeAid) in order to support the efforts of partner countries to better design and manage social protection systems. The facility permits the mobilisation of social protection experts from the EU to easily share knowledge and experience. Practitioners from partner countries’ administrations and non-governmental groups can also be mobilised as experts to bring added value in a South-South and triangular cooperation.

SOCIEUX offers support in all social protection areas, including (1) social assistance – child and the disabled support grants; (2) access to basic social services: education, health and employment; (3) monitoring and evaluations systems, statistics and registration systems.


Would you like to know how a ChildPact member can benefit from the SOCIEUX programme?

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