Review of Practices and Policies In The Field Of Early Childhood Development

Source: NNC Bulgaria

The Bulgarian National Network for Children had recently issued a “Review of the Legislative Framework, Policies and Good Practices in the Area of Early Childhood Education and Care – Handbook” aiming to raise the profile of early childhood development in national policies and practices by reviewing the legislative framework in Bulgaria on the issue and by providing an in-depth analysis of the national and international early childhood education and care (ECEC) practices. The publication is meant primarily for a wide range of stakeholders, early childhood education and care professionals and practitioners.

Amongst its conclusions, recommendations and open question to be further tackled, the Handbook opens the following debate: “How to convince the government to recognize/support innovative/alternative/non-formal/community-based provisions? Are governmental agencies over-focused on formal requirements and do they tend to miss opportunities to support innovative non-formal initiatives? How does a good idea in a pilot stage get embedded into the mainstream system?”

The Handbook is produced with support from the ‘Human Resources Development Operational Programme’, grant scheme “Without Borders – Component 1”, Phase 2.

Here you can find the full text of the Handbook.