One more kilometer of a highway or more welfare for children?

Prishtina, 17 November 2014

 KOMF – The Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – launched the report ”Is the tax payer’s money reaching the children in need?”. This is a brief budget analysis of social protection policies for children in Kosovo, which aims to improve the financing of social services and social schemes.

KOMF’s President, Blerta Perolli-Shehu, pointed to a budget decrease for social services despite an increase in the demand for such services. She showed that in the absence of a sustainable mechanism to finance social services this becomes a critical problem as it endangers the provision of universal social services that are guaranteed by legislation.

Mrs. Laila Omar Gad, Head of UNICEF Office in Kosovo, showed that investing in children is fundamental to ensuring the realizations of their rights: “The Convention on the Rights of the Child sets out the legal obligations of national governments to realize children’s economic, social, civil, political and cultural rights to the maximum extent of their available resources. Childhood is a unique window of opportunity. As in every other country of the world, investments and policy choices made by the Kosovo institutions today will determine whether hundreds of thousands of children and youth are able to reach their full potential or are left to face a future of worsening inequity and marginalization’.

The report proposes two solutions to what is a deploring situation: 1. Specific grant for social services so as to ensure a sustainable minimum financing in offering social services; 2. A dedicated allocation to social services as a percentage within the general grant. Read more about these solutions in the report: Brief budget analysis on social protection policies for children in Kosovo.