A Celebration of Social Services in Armenia. The President of the Child Protection Network receives special award

Source: Child Protection Network

On November 11th, at the Yerevan State University, the Armenian Child Protection Network (CPN) contributed and participated in the event “We Are Together: A Celebration of Social Services in Armenia” marking Armenia’s Social Work Day. The event celebrated the accomplishments of social workers, facilitated networking and collaboration between social services, while providing an opportunity for students to learn more about what the profession of a social worker entails. Around 500 decision makers, governmental and non-governmental representatives, as well as students and journalists attended the celebration. Additionally, because Armenia’s system of social service provision is currently under reform, the event offered an opportunity for vested stakeholders to examine the current process of social reforms and to search for cohesive solutions. CPN’s President, Mrs. Mira Antonyan, received the Prime Minister’s Award for her outstanding contribution to the social work field.

In the framework of the event, a special exhibition was organized to highlight the work of over 30 Armenian Social Service Organizations from all sectors. CPN and some of its member organisation were represented at the exhibition.

CPN contributed to the event by organising a conference entitled “Towards Social Services in Armenia”, which focused on the role of the educational sectors in social services, and the need to continue to train and form professional social workers. With 200 participants including political leaders, officials, social service providers, and members of the academia, the conference promoted the recognition, collaboration, and mutual support between the government and social service agencies.