Child Protection Index in Moldova and Georgia: Selection of Experts 

ChildPact and its members from Romania (FONPC), Moldova (APSCF) and Georgia (the Georgian Coalition for Child and Youth Welfare) are happy to announce the launch of the project ‘Piloting a Child Protection Index’, funded by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Romanian ODA Program and UNDP – BRC (Bratislava Regional Center).

The main goal of the project is to pilot a Child Protection Index in Georgia and Moldova to create an evidence based snapshot of government action and gaps so as to better direct efforts and resources. The Index will provide a benchmark to significantly improve the lives of vulnerable children.

ChildPact’s first objective is to monitor and influence child-related policies by documenting child protection concerns and advocating for better policies to protect vulnerable children. In September 2012 ChildPact’s Steering Committee decided to create a Child Protection Index, to reflect on child protection systems in ChildPact’s member countries with a goal to develop a region-wide monitoring agenda. The Index is envisaged as a tool to enable a new level of engagement between child protection experts in civil society and government policy makers in countries throughout the region. In the long term, this Index is meant to facilitate innovative and necessary regional cooperation on child protection.

ChildPact aims to extend the Index to all the ChildPact countries so as to: 1. provide an evidence-based approach to policy debates; 2. identify needs and gaps in child protection systems; 3. create cross-national comparisons for advocacy and funding purposes; 4. push for new efforts on data population; 5. unify various sectors and actors (government, civil society and academia) under shared principles and increase collaboration; and 6. offer incentives and answers for qualitative and quantitative growth in child protection systems.

The project implementers are now selecting a pool of experts from Georgia and Moldova. If you are interested to contribute to this endeavor please see the selection criteria and application procedure here.

For more information about this project and about ChildPact in general, please contact Mirela Oprea, ChildPact Secretary General, at