Together for Children – The Mentoring Program. Call for participants!

Background information

Together for Children: Stronger NGO Coalitions in the Black Sea Region is a project financed by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Romanian Official Development Assistance and implemented by UNDP – BRC (Bratislava Regional Center), in partnership with World Vision Romania, the Romanian Federation of Child NGOs (FONPC), the Armenian Network for Children, Reliable Future Azerbaijan, World Vision Georgia (on behalf of the Georgian Coalition for Children and Youth) and APSCF Moldova. Civil society organisations and, in particular, their coalitions are crucial for advancing the child protection reform and this is why this project aims to strengthen the child-focused NGO coalitions from the partner countries to effectively address national and regional child rights and child protection concerns.

Main features of the mentoring program

The mentoring program is addressed to young leaders from child-focused NGOs in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Republic of Moldova. One mentee from each country will be selected, after a transparent selection process. The mentees will spend 5 days in Romania to visit Romanian projects and organisations. The mentees will be asked to record their experience and develop a mentoring diary to be edited in an article that will be published on appropriate channels (ex. ChildPact website or newsletter, online journals, blogs, etc.). All costs are covered by the organizers (international and local travelling, visas, accomodation in Bucharest, meals).

Your schedule in Romania (21-27 September 2014)

You will arrive on a Sunday 21st of September and leave on Saturday 27 of September (if you want to stay additional days in Romania, the additional costs are on you). You will work from Monday till Thursday from 9.00 – 15.00. From 16.00-17.00 you will have a debrief hour with the whole team. On Friday you will write your final report and send it to the organizers before 18.00. You will receive more detailed guidelines on how to write the report upon your selection into the program.

Who is eligible?

You are a young professional in the field of child protection. You can be as young as you want, but not older than 30 years. You already have some experience in child protection, but your most important asset is your motivation, your enthusiasm and your interest to choose a career in this field. You are a citizen of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan or the Republic of Moldova and you want to travel to Romania. You are happy to learn from others and you are not a judgemental person: you ask questions before making assumptions. You speak and write good English. You don’t mind having a very busy schedule for one week and you will be happy to write about your experience in Romania.

You can play with children if needed and you are flexible. You can share a room with a colleague.

How to apply?

Please send us your CV with a photo and a motivation letter. In this letter tell us why you want to participate in this mentoring program, what you expect to learn and what kind of person you are. Be personal, let us know you through this letter. We look for a person that fits a group and a certain spirit – the ChildPact spirit of regional cooperation. If you volunteerd or already worked in the field of child protection tell us what you learned and what you would like to continue to learn about in the future. If you have a strong personal story that involves children (including the child that you once were), tell it to us. Send your application to Cristina Negoiescu at before August 25th.

Additional information

ChildPact represents 600 NGOs from 10 different countries, including 22 NGOs from your country. ChildPact members work with more than 500.000 vulnerable children and we believe that as a non-sensitive issue, regional cooperation on child protection opens the door to new relationships and trust among regional stake-holders: opportunities to pursue peace and greater security in the region should start with children.