Appeal to Public Institutions of Kosovo: Invest in Children!

Source: Kosovo Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection (KOMF)

On the occasion of  International Children Day, Kosovo Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection (KOMF) appeals to all public institutions to give priority to children of Kosovo, and especially to children in need for protection.


Appeal to Public Institutions of Kosovo: Invest in Children!

Dear all,

Today is 1st of June – the International Children’s Day, a day that is not only an occasion to celebrate children but to raise awareness on the need to protect the children’s rights.

On this day, first of all, we wish to congratulate all children for their day. While we appeal particularly to all public institutions, with no exception, and especially to those that will results from national elections, to give priority to children of Kosovo, and especially to children in need for protection.

KOMF is aware of the problems and difficulties that public institutions face including budgetary constraints. Nevertheless, KOMF is constantly seeking for higher efforts in improving the situation of child protection. This engagement is sought in conformity with the legislation, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international instruments. We have provided three arguments why investing in children is needed:

Economic Argument: Investing in children results in more sound and qualified workforce that can greatly contribute in the economic development by acquiring new technologies and skills in conformity with the market needs;

Ethical Argument: Investment in the area of child protection is necessary for every country that supports human rights;

Political Argument: Insufficient social investment, pronounced inequality, and high rates of poverty obstruct the development of a country and impair its social cohesion.

Based on the current situation of children and especially of the children in need in Kosovo, KOMF today appeals again to the public institutions to take a more serious engagement in:

• Drafting policies for further advancement of the legal framework, creation of adequate national policies to improve the position of all children;

• Allocating required budget means at the central and local level to implement the programs;

• Strengthening the institutional mechanisms to realize the rights and protection of the children, and at the same time to strengthen the mechanisms for sanctioning those who violate the rights of children;

• Drafting policies that ensure quality health services, including a sustainable special fund for children with serious diseases who require adequate treatment abroad;
• Investing seriously in increasing the quality of education and ensuring effective and efficient application of all laws and other bylaws that regulate inclusion and access to education, prevention of school dropouts and violence;

• Paying special attention to greater social protection for all children in need of institutional protection, including abandoned children and children without parental care, children with special needs, children living in poverty, abused and neglected children, children who are victims of exploitation and trafficking, children included in heavy labor etc.

KOMF promises to continue its commitment to advocate for expanded social protection as part of its objective to promote and protect the rights of children as a way to support and meet their basic needs, and to increase the opportunities to reach their fullest potential.
Together for the children!