EU Civil Society e-platform against trafficking in human beings

Photograpy credits : Silviu Ghetie

The European Commission has recently launched a special call to all those civil society organisations interested in issues related to human trafficking who are not yet members of the EU Civil Society Platform against Trafficking in Human Beings.

The Commission invites the interested parties to participate in the new e-platform of the same entity, which has been designed as a complementary on-line tool of the EU Civil Society Platform against Trafficking of Human Beings in order to ensure an inclusive approach that aims to create synergies between a wider range of organisations.

The e-Platform, hosted and moderated by the European Commission, will be a space for discussion, sharing of information, exchange of good practices and for linking services and assistance provided to victims, aiming at ensuring a sustainable and regular dialogue between civil society organisations. In order to be eligible, the organisation interested to take part in the e-Platform discussion must be based in EU Member States or, in line with the priority countries listed in the Second Report on the implementation of the Action Oriented Paper, in the following neighbouring priority countries: Albania, Morocco, Turkey and Ukraine.

The deadline for the official subscription is the 15th of May 2013.  You can find more information about the Call for Expression of Interest here