Bulgarian National Network for Children sends child mortality report to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Photography credits: Roxana Todea

Source: National Network for Children, Bulgaria

The Human Rights Council requested the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, in close collaboration with the World Health Organization, to prepare a concise technical guidance on the application of a human rights-based approach to the implementation of policies and programmes to reduce and eliminate preventable mortality and morbidity of children under five years of age.

The UHCHR expressed its deep concern that over 6.6 million children under age of 5 die every year, mostly from preventable and treatable causes, owing to inadequate or lack of access to integrated and quality maternal, newborn and child health care and services, early childbearing, as well as to health determinants, such as safe drinking water and sanitation, safe and adequate food and nutrition, and that mortality remains highest among children belonging to the poorest and most marginalized communities.

The National Network for Children joined with a brief report on the current situation in Bulgaria and information about its members’ activities to reduce child mortality and morbidity. The report has a special focus how human rights observance principles such as equality, transparency, non-discrimination etc. are included in NNC members work to reduce child mortality and morbidity.