ChildPact and regional cooperation mechanism debated in the Romanian Parliament

Ana Birchall, Member of Romanian Parliament

During yesterday’s plenary session at the Romanian Parliament, MP Ana Birchall has encouraged Romania to promote its national expertise in the field of child protection across the Black Sea region. MP Birchall has warmly welcomed ChildPact’s initiative to create a child-focused working group within BSEC in order to enhance regional cooperation efforts for the benefit of vulnerable children in the region.

MP Birchall called upon her colleagues to “ensure that all the information and the expertise Romania has achieved with its child protection system during the transition period gets into the attention of partner decision makers from the Black Sea region.”

MP Birchall argued that “Romania has a very active and experienced civil society. It is our duty as decision makers to support and promote the ideas and the project of our civil society, both at national and international levels. The faster we understand that decision makers and civil society representatives have the same interests, the better we will be able to work together for the greater benefit of the children who need us. ”

Ana Birchall insisted that positioning Romania as a valuable model of child protection in the region should be a special priority of the National Strategy for child protection and child rights promotion, as well as for the 2014-2016 Implementation Plan, with a special focus on deinstitutionalization. Furthermore, she expressed the warmest support for ChildPact’s current project Together for Children: Stronger NGO Coalitions in the Black Sea Region which aims to reinforce the capacity of national child-focused coalitions of NGOs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Republic of Moldova so that these important national actors can better tackle child protection related policies and efficiently contribute to system reforms.

MP Birchall officially encouraged ChildPact to continue advocating for the establishment of a regional cooperation mechanism for child protection. She also pointed out that the Black Sea Organisation for Economic Cooperation (BSEC) should prioritize child protection and substantially contribute in making such a cooperation mechanism possible.

ChildPact is thankful for all the support that MP Ana Birchall has showed towards its cause and applauds her initiative to bring more political attention to the issues affecting vulnerable children in Romania and in the wider Black Sea area.

ChildPact warmly encourages other decision makers in Romania and in other countries of the Black Sea region to support the rights of vulnerable children and to promote  the establishment of a regional cooperation mechanism in all relevant instances, including within BSEC