Together for Children: project launched in Yerevan

On January 2014, Armenian Child Protection Network (CPN) organized a round-table meeting on the occasion of its official registration as a legal entity and the launch of the project “Together for children”.

“Together for Children: Stronger NGO Coalition in the Black Sea Region” is a project financed by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is simultaneously conducted in five ChildPact countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Romania.

The participants emphasized the importance of cooperation among civil society networks from the five participating countries in order to improve their capacity to advocate jointly in national, regional and international contexts, where child protection policies are discussed.

The event hosted also a debate on the results of evidence-based study on guardianship as an alternative family-type model for childcare conducted by the Armenia’s Child Protection Network member organizations.

The meeting brought together almost 60 representatives from partner organizations in child protection area, Ministries (MoLSI, MoES, MoH, MoTA, MoFA) as well as the Romanian Embassy in Yeravan, Delegation of the European Union to Armenia, UNICEF-Armenia, Human Rights Defender’s Office, Police, Yerevan State University and the local self-governing structures. At the end of the event, the participants signed ChildPact’s petition for establishing a regional cooperation mechanism for child protection.