Meet Elvis…

Dear  friend,

Imagine your name is Elvis and you live in an Eastern European country. Here is a video about you.

As you can see, you are a victim of the poverty cycle. Because you were born poor, you cannot go to school, you beg on the streets, you eat from the garbage bin and you are sick… but nobody takes you to the doctor. You have no means to fight for your rights. Your children and the children of your children will be in the same situation.

Experts say that social exclusion breeds more social exclusion. You are not sure what this means, but somehow it sounds right.

The story of Elvis and his family is dramatic, but not necessarily a hopeless one. There are many solutions that can break the cycle of poverty that have been enacted in some of the countries of the region. They are the results of long processes of trials and errors. But often these solutions are not shared among governments and civil society organizations. Blind national complacency creates an endless number of unhappy children like Elvis.

Is Elvis just an unlucky kid born in the wrong country?

ChildPact believes that knowledge about innovative child protection practices should be exchanged! This is why we propose the creation of a regional cooperation mechanism endowed with a funding instrument to allow for the diffusion of innovations in child protection.

We need to learn from each other. If we don’t, millions of children like Elvis will suffer.

Sign our pledge if you believe that all children have a right to happiness irrespective of the country in which they were born. 

No child should ever feel that she/he was born in the wrong country!