Efficient juvenile justice and better socio-educational services in Romania

Efficient juvenile justice and better socio-educational services are the main concerns of the Romanian Federation for NGOs for Children (FONPC)

The first session of the FONPC’s “AUDIS: for a better juvenile justice hearing” project has taken place during 22-25 September at Busteni (Romania) and has focused on a specialized training in judiciary hearing techniques for minors. Twenty four professionals (judges, prosecutors, policemen, social assistants, etc.) have been trained by a team of specialists from France. Irina Kuglay, prosecutor at the Romanian Court of Justice and counsellor at the Ministry of Justice, has also been present during the training session.

During October 2013, FONPC has been organizing several trainings in five Romanian departments in order to gather an accurate map of the socio-educational local services. This map is a vital instrument for the elaboration of departmental strategies who allocate the existing resources according to the indentified needs. Furthermore, this instrument is meant to facilitate the activity of the socio-educational specialists as well as to ensure a better institutional coordination at local level. The catalogue of socio-educational resources is one of the four instruments developed within the project the National Educational Platform, which is an initiative developed at national level by FONPC, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection through the Child Protection Direction, UNICEF office in Romania, the French Embassy in Romania and World Vision Romania.

Furthermore, on the 12th of November 2013, FONPC will organize a national workshop whose aim is the elaboration of the 2013 Alternative Report regarding the respect of the UN Convention in Child Rights in Romania. The national workshop will be organised in the context of the FONPC – UNICEF Romania, Hopes and Homes for Children Romania – SERA Romania project. The Alternative Report is an innovative approach in Romania and represents the main instrument that allows to influence the public policies in the field of child protection.