Armenian guardianship social services

Photography credits: Roxana Todea

Source: Armenian Child Protection Network

The Armenian Child Protection Network conducts a case study to evaluate the Armenian guardianship social services. 

The Armenian Child Protection Network is currently conducting an evidence-based case study regarding the efficiency of the Armenian guardianship social services. The aim of this study is to assess, firstly, what are the needs of a child who is cared in “alien” enviroment to his or her family and, secondly, whether those needs are realized and met.

With this methodology the Armenian study will publish a final report that will: (1) reveal the gaps of the system; (2) identify the needs of  guardian children; (3) identify the needs of the guardian children’s parents; (4) submit relevant recommendations on possible amendments & solutions which best suits the current situation. The results of the study will be represented in November this year and will be discussed during round table-discussions organized by the Armenian Child Protection Network.