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Source: The Bulgarian National Network for Children

The Bulgarian National Network for Children’s Statement On Proposal To Introduce Voucher Model Proposal To Finance Social Services For Older Persons And People With Disabilities 

The Bulgarian National Network for Children supports the proposal, changing the model to finance social services for older persons and people with disabilities. The State and local authorities have a key role to regulate policies, but we would like to propose new role, responsibilities and duties allocation of social sector participants and to precise the private providers’ inclusion. We consider that they should not be excluded from policies and services process regulation. It should be explained that their acquired experience contribute to plan and appraise the needs  and to define  standards, services and polices other elements.

Regarding the operation “Living in community”, The Bulgarian National Network for Children would like to endorse that the pre-launch analysis for local authorities readiness level to  apply social inclusion integrated model was not presented to the public and was not consulted with the civil society organizations. The planned operation does not really aim the deinstitutionalization of people with disabilities as she previews the new services to be built in parallel with the existing institutional system and to not contribute to their closure.

The fact that the guidelines allow to launch more than one service in one building remains disturbing. This option contradicts to social inclusion and the best interests of the child / service user principals. Furthermore, the non-government organizations and services providers are excluded once again from the list of beneficiaries, which oppose the European Social Fund objectives. In this context, The Bulgarian National Network for Children firmly stands up for the position to encourage older persons and people with disabilities to use home and community care services.