European Agency for Children, Innovation and Social Inclusion to be established in Romania

Photography credits : Silviu Ghetie

During a recent intervention in the plenary of the Romanian Parliament, Romanian MP Ana Birchall called for the establishment of a European Agency for Children, Innovation and Social Inclusion in Bucharest.

ChildPact warmly welcomes this initiative and offers its support for the first steps in this project, while urging the European and Romanian authorities to prioritize children.

“25 million children experience poverty and social exclusion in the European Union. (…) Romania has the highest number of vulnerable children in the European Union. 1 in 10 Romanian children go to bed without having dinner and their access to basic social services (education, health, protection) is affected by the poor service infrastructure. EU’s failure to socially integrate its children has unimaginable costs. With every passing year, there is a new generation of children who will face difficulties to integrate in the social structure (…). Therefore, a unified approach and equal standards for all the children in Europe is highly needed. We need clear mechanisms in order to implement strategic objectives for the welfare of children” argued Ana Brichall.

ChildPact believes that an European Agency for Children, Innovation and Social Inclusion is crucial for the EU’s fight to decrease the number of vulnerable children in the EU, as well as the EU candidate countries and the EU neighbouring area. ChildPact believes that in a unified Union and globalized world civil society and inter-governmental cooperation are fundamental means for child protection. This is why ChildPact thinks that the objectives of such an Agency should envisage: 1. Developing the level of cooperation between the EU Member States, EU candidate acountries and EU neighbouring countries in the field of child protection, innovation and social inclusion; 2. Developing, implmenting and monitoring innovative projects, focusing on the most vulnerable groups (ex. rroma); 3. Monitoring and evaluating the European and governmental entities for fulfilling the EU objectives in the field of child protection and social inclusion (according to the European Agenda for Children and the 2020 Strategy).

Ana Birchall also declared: „I am very proud that Valeriu Nicolae (activist in the field of human rights), Mirela Oprea (Secretary General of ChildPact, the Regional Coalition for Child Protection in the Wider Black Sea Area) and Daniela Buzducea (Advocacy Director at World Vision Romania) will be collaborating with me in this endeavor.”